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Smoking must be stopped completely


Smoking Good or bad habits determine a person’s moral condition, but now new research by scientists has revealed the effects of our habits on our health and longevity that people will give up their bad habits as soon as they hear. According to Mail Online, in a study of 480,000 people, scientists at the University of Leicester found that people with good habits lived 8 years longer than people with bad habits.

Exercise regularly

Dr. Eugenie Chidasma, head of the research team, said: “People who do not smoke and exercise regularly live longer and healthier lives than others, even if they have a chronic illness. Smoking and exercise Not doing so has a very negative effect on a person’s mental and physical health

Prevention of heart attack and other diseases

According to a new study, smokers should quit smoking altogether instead of reducing it to prevent heart attack and other diseases. A large-scale study by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that According to the report, people who smoke just one cigarette a day have a 50% higher risk of heart disease and a 30% higher risk of stroke than non-smokers. Smokers are more likely to have heart disease than cancer. They prove fatal and cause 48% of deaths

According to Haqiq, there has been a decrease in the number of smokers in the UK, but an increase in the number of people who smoke one to five cigarettes a day. A study of 100 people found that 20 smokers a day could have seven heart attacks or strokes.

However, if they reduce their smoking rate and smoke only one cigarette a day, they will still be at risk of having three heart attacks. According to researchers, 48 ​​smokers a day have coronary heart disease. One percent of smokers are 25 percent more likely to have a stroke than non-smokers Alan Hackshah, a professor at the University College of London, head of Haqiq, said that in many countries it has been observed that smokers believe that it will improve and that this is true of cancer, but others Not so with diseases Smoking can increase the risk of corona

Dr. Adil Haider, a trauma surgeon and dean of Gha Khan University, said in a private talk show that no conclusive evidence has been found so far which shows that smoking increases the risk of coronavirus, but this theory will prove to be true.

Dr. Haider said that many patients with the novel coronavirus, who were already suffering from basic health problems, have a weakened immune system and thus are able to avoid the virus.

Smokers may be at risk for corona: Dr Haider

In New York, the coronavirus mortality rate is 2.8% for women and 7.7% for men. This difference indicates that women are better able to cope with the virus, but does this only happen in Covid 19?

“Hemorrhage stops earlier in women than in men because of estrogen,” said Dr. Haider. Dr. Haider added that this is why genetic reproduction benefits women more than men.

In addition to Corona, we can see around us how smoking is a danger to us. Not just smokers but people around People also suffer.

We can see how many people die from smoking – tobacco causes more disease and death than any other drug. In Australia alone, about 18,800 people die each year from smoking. This is about 70% of deaths due to alcohol and other drugs. Two out of three people who smoke for life will die an average of 10 years earlier than non-smokers.

Rating will kill you, but before you die, you may be exposed to some of the dreaded diseases caused by smoking. Here are some of the scary diseases caused by smoking:

* Lung cancer

* Chronic lung disease

* Many heart diseases

* Asthma

* Diabetes

* Blindness, cataracts

* More than 10 other types of cancer, including colon, cervical, liver, stomach, and pancreatic cancers

* Reproductive effects in women

Excessive smoking damages the immune system and damages the body’s immune system in the fight against the disease. This increases the risk of many immune and autoimmune diseases (this happens when the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells in the body).

 If alcohol is used excessively, sugar or alcohol reduces the body’s ability to produce white blood cells, which means you are more likely to get the virus.

How to get rid of gastric acid?

health benefits

Health benefits Acridity is one of only a handful few significant stomach-related issues, which may appear to be a minor clinical issue, however, for any individual who encounters it, the experience can be amazingly horrendous. Most individuals are exceptionally stressed over this issue.

Basic reasons for causticity

Normal causes incorporate pressure, unreasonable utilization of flavors and meat, smoking, helpless dietary patterns, different gastrointestinal problems, and utilization of specific prescriptions.

Valuable food varieties in causticity

It is vital to eat a decent eating regimen to accomplish a solid way of life. Food varieties that are high in corrosive are bound to cause corrosiveness in the wake of eating them. It contains a pain-relieving tendon that makes the throat choke. It causes causticity and builds the danger of gastrointestinal illness.

Sharpness can stay away from if food is picked accurately. Likewise, a few food sources are comparative. Grievances can be decreased. Everyday utilization of these food varieties is helpful to keep away from gastric corrosive.


Indeed! It is a child food however exceptionally valuable in acid reflux. It is found in delicate and effectively absorbable food sources, which is the reason specialists suggest eating porridge in corrosive. The fiber in it helps control bulging and water maintenance. It likewise can retain overabundance corrosive in the stomach. Some other fiber-rich food sources, for example, wheat and rice items are additionally advantageous


Ginger is best utilized in causticity. Ginger has cancer prevention agents and calming properties. Alongside sharpness, it is additionally helpful in acid reflux, heartburn, and different diseases of the stomach. A little piece of new ginger can be taken with smoothies, grains, and different food sources.

Beam verdant vegetables

Green verdant vegetables like spinach, mint, coriander, fenugreek, banana, cabbage, and so forth can be caused a piece of your everyday diet to will free of corrosiveness protests. Corrosive issues are brought about by food misuse. In the event that a reasonable eating regimen is utilized The issue can be stayed away from


On the off chance that you likewise experience the ill effects of indigestion and acridity, utilize a cup of cold yogurt. Subsequent to eating yogurt, you will be astounded at how rapidly your wellbeing improves. You can additionally expand its adequacy by adding banana or melon to yogurt. Yogurt sustenance additionally furnishes you with energy by wiping out this issue.


Bananas contain basic which is the reason it is helpful in acidity. In the event of any such issue, you can eat one to two bananas. Bananas are delectable in taste so they are not hard to eat. By utilizing it, you will feel greatly improved in less time


Watermelon is an antacid natural product. In the event of sharpness, you can take it either as a cold or as a smoothie. It is a helpful organic product for the stomach. Its utilization gets help minutes. This takes out lack of hydration in the stomach Keeps you solid


Molasses is wealthy in magnesium, which reinforces the stomach-related framework and wipes out corrosiveness. Subsequent to eating, put a little piece of jaggery in your mouth and suck it. Its utilization additionally brings down the internal heat level

Basil leaves

Basil leaves likewise have gastric diuretic properties. So at whatever point you feel gas in the stomach, wash and bite a couple of basil leaves or bubble a few leaves with some water, cook for a couple of moments, and afterward channel and drink.

Sound weight and abstaining from excessive food intake for ladies

Fennel Seed

Eating a couple of fennel seeds after suppers can likewise forestall acidosis. The oil in it forestalls acid reflux and swelling. Fennel tea is likewise valuable for keeping an appropriate stomach-related framework.


Notwithstanding these food sources, drinking bananas, cold milk, or coconut water can likewise give quick alleviation. Biting a couple of grains of cumin or drinking its water, bubble 2 grains of green cardamom in water and drink it in the wake of cooling it, blend one teaspoon of apple juice vinegar in a glass of water and use it on a vacant stomach likewise gives prompt alleviation in sharpness. Can do Health benefits

While eating the above food varieties benefits the stomach in causticity, the advantages are considerably more prominent if these insurances are tracked with these food varieties. For instance, eat gradually and bite the nibble well, try not to eat presently before sleep time, yet eat the last dinner 3 hours before sleep time, stay away from hot food varieties and smoking, just as control pressure. Attempt

Albeit the two people experience the ill effects of similar illnesses. However, some medical conditions influence ladies contrastingly and all the more normally. Indeed, even numerous ladies wellbeing appraisals and medication decisions are excluded from the articles, particularly for ladies.

All things considered, ladies experience the ill effects of different wellbeing sicknesses, for example, bosom disease, cervical malignant growth, menopause, and pregnancy. Ladies are bound to kick the bucket of coronary episodes than men. Discouragement and uneasiness are more normal in female patients. Urinary parcel and physically communicated sicknesses can make more mischief ladies. Among the conditions that happen frequently in ladies, the accompanying eight illnesses present critical wellbeing hazards. Health benefits are imported

Coronary illness

In the United States, coronary illness causes one of every four passings in ladies. In spite of the fact that individuals believe coronary illness to be a typical issue among men, coronary illness influences people similarly. All things considered, just 54% of ladies understand that coronary illness can be a danger to their wellbeing. In the United States, 49% of all customers experience the ill effects of hypertension, elevated cholesterol, or smoking. These are factors that add to coronary illness. Health benefits

Bosom malignant growth

Bosom malignant growth, which typically begins in the bosom and can spread to different organs, is the most forceful disease influencing the worldwide female populace. This is generally normal in the number of inhabitants in ladies in created nations as they age.

At first, ladies with bosom malignancy may foster bosom protuberances. Most bosom protuberances are not treated, anyway It is significant for ladies to stay in contact with their primary care physicians and get checked. Health benefits read more

Immune system infections

The vaginal infection happens when the body’s cells that wipe out outer dangers, for example, infections, assault sound cells. As the condition keeps on filling in the populace, analysts have asked why the condition influences most ladies.

Despite the fact that there are various immune system infections, the vast majority of the indications are as per the following: exhaustion, gentle fever, torment, skin bothering, dizziness, the greater part of individuals who experience the ill effects of immune system sicknesses resort to normal cures, for example,

Utilize less sugar

Low-fat utilization


Fraud to make thousands of rupees online from home – a story that is a lesson for everyone

online from home

The story may be simple, but each story can be a source of learning for others Fraud to make thousands of rupees online from home – a story that is a lesson for everyone am a hails from Okara, and like many other students, her dream is to get on her feet as soon as possible so that her father’s burden can be reduced.

Hamza is studying for a part-time scholarship at a local college in Lahore, but because of Corona and the lockdown, he wanted to help his family instead of becoming a burden. Many of Hamza’s seniors and other friends are well versed in various skills and are earning something. Inspired by this, he also created accounts on various freelancing platforms, sent proposals to several customers, which were rejected, so Hamza joined some social media groups related to freelancing online from home

Now the world there was different, it seemed that money was growing on the tree and Hamza hoped that he could fulfill his dream. He saw an advertisement to post only on social media and earn Rs. 25,000 every fortnight.

When he sent a message asking for the procedure, he was asked to register and send Rs 2,000 to an easy money account and send a photo of the receipt. Earning twenty-five in fifteen days and fifty thousand in a month was more than he expected. He did not find it difficult to invest Rs 2,000 in the hope of Rs 50,000. Now, after registration, the next step was to send him a daily ad, which he had to copy and paste into at least 30 Facebook groups on a daily basis, provided that the group had at least 10,000 members online from home

Hamza started posting in innumerable groups from his original Facebook profile and the ad is the same old one to earn thousands of rupees sitting at home. Now even his angels did not know that he was unwittingly becoming part of a fraud network. He started getting messages on messenger because of these posts. He answers to call the given number. As the week went on, he was called a fraud because of these messages, and many people were found calling him bad.

When all of this started to happen, he panicked and asked people why they were saying that. It turned out that the advertisement he was posting in the groups, the number on it, and the EasyPay account holder had also received different amounts of money from everyone in the name of registration by cheating online work.

Now Hamza was worried, on the one hand, the hopes he had pinned on his job were dashed, on the other hand, he was afraid of what would happen if any of these victims complained to the Cyber ​​Crime Cell because One or two people had threatened him by sending screenshots of his post and by posting screenshots in the group, the forgers and fraudsters were telling him that he was an equal partner in consuming money online from home

Now, when Hamza wanted to contact the servant through whom he was doing this, he had deactivated Facebook. He did not have a photo name or address. The EasyPay account was in someone else’s name (and that was probably the main reason for the incident because all the registration money was going there). Hamza told all the victims that if they have to answer to anyone, they should find the owner of the same easy money account because he is equally affected by it Not only was it a waste of money and time, but he did it with confidence from his personal profile, where he had all the information and circle of friends.

The second time, without any research or confirmation, he was tricked by an anonymous ID. It is true that you can earn money from online platforms at home but there are other authoritative sources like FireWire, Upwork, and so on, where you have verified information of freelancers and clients, as well as The record of transparency of payment and transaction matters, is also made public.

To work on these platforms, you need to have some skills such as editing, content writing, blogging, graphic design, and many more. It is also a fact that many people in Cowid and Lockdown have made money from these sources and many famous Pakistanis have made a name for themselves globally thanks to their freelancing skills. It is also a fact that education related to these fields is very important in the future because the curriculum we have been teaching for the last seventy years is about the next generation of jobs and business This does not guarantee, Therefore, instead of indulging in your children’s hobby of mobile or laptop, train them in these fields online from home

When it comes to online fraud, the plight of victims of online shopping cannot be ignored. Where the product is shown in pictures and videos and the third class item is sent in delivery. It is also important to look at the history of the product page before ordering. The presence of older accounts, more followers and most of all reviews on the options page confirms that they do professional transactions properly.

Fraud accounts do not have the option to upload a photo in the Address, Email, Phone Number, Review and Comment sections as people can open a crappy product there. By taking care of these little things, you can save your hard-earned money, but the most oppressed class in our country is the one who can’t tell the world about his grief even if he goes online from home

Some of our naive people even consider Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn as dating apps and fall in love with them by looking at the profiles of the beauties with the circuit, hands, and feet on social media. Sometimes it happens that their own friends are enjoying their desired traits by making fake IDs or someone else is behind the scenes and commits easy load and other incidents. However, all of this falls into the category of fraud online from home

But to avoid all of this, it is important that you research and verify that the information on these platforms or profiles is accurate before making any such decision in order to protect you from financial and emotional harm. Be sure to consult an internet expert friend before making any money transfers.

Bangladesh, 45 percent richer than Pakistan, sparked a new debate


Bangladesh claims to have a higher per capita income than Pakistan and India has sparked a new debate in Pakistan, with the PML-N alleging that the country has become 25 percent poorer under the PTI regime.

The Cabinet Secretary of Bangladesh, Khandaker Anwar-ul-Islam, had recently announced that his country’s per capita income for the fiscal year 2012 was 2227, while that of India was and that of Pakistan was Rs. One hundred and forty-three dollars. It should be noted that the per capita income of Bangladesh in the financial year 2012

These Bangladeshi figures were also featured in the international, Indian and Pakistani media. The news was published by several regional and international media outlets, including Bloomberg, the Times of India, and Pakistan’s English-language daily Dawn. It has also been hotly debated in India, where many politicians look down on Bangladeshi refugees And many Indians on social media are skeptical of these figures. However, many Indian and Pakistani economists are also advising their countries to learn from Bangladesh.

According to Bloomberg columnist Mehr Sharma, Bangladesh’s exports increased by 8.6 percent annually between 2011 and 2012.The proportion of women in the labor market is higher than in India and Pakistan

Economists claim that in 1971, Bangladesh was 70 times poorer than Pakistan, while today Bangladesh is 45% richer than Pakistan. The Bangladeshi secretary’s claim sparked a debate in Pakistan’s social circles, but now Pakistan’s political circles are also debating it and political parties are blaming each other for the growing poverty in the country.

Noon League charge sheet

Addressing a pre-budget seminar in Islamabad on Thursday, PML-N leaders Muftah Ismail, Ahsan Iqbal, Khurram Dastagir, and others claimed that the country had become 25 percent poorer under the PTI government. The national debt has increased by 54%, the volume of the economy was three hundred and thirteen billion dollars in 2018, now it is 29 296 billion In three years, about 20 million people have fallen into poverty while eighty-five million people are unemployed

Noon League leader Khurram Dastgir claimed that in 2018, the total price of one kg of sugar, one liter of cooking oil, one kg of peanuts, and one kg of flour was Rs 347, which is now Rs 680. That’s an increase of about 96 percent On the other hand, Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen of the PTI government accused the PML-N of causing a loss of billions to the country due to its economic policy.

One League’s destructive economic policy

PTI admits that poverty has increased during its tenure but blames it on the Noon League’s policy. Under this policy, loans were taken without thinking, and projects were started which did not bring any economic benefit. Salman Shah said that the projects started during the Noon League era are running at a loss and the government has to pay huge subsidies.

He told DW, “The PML-N has set up expensive power projects and imported coal, gas, and oil for them, which we are also importing. Billions of rupees are being subsidized on the Orange Train.” He took a lot of loans but did not think about how to repay them. Now that the government is repaying them, it is necessary that these loans are affecting the common man as well This repayment of loans is a huge chunk of GDP, which is affecting the country’s economy as well as the average Pakistani.

Other factors

He further said that the rupee was devalued and this also caused a lot of damage to the economy. Dr. Salman Shah further told DW, “It is imperative that when you devalue the rupee, the economy suffers a huge blow. Bangladesh did not allow debt to rise nor did it devalue its currency.

In addition, the economy was badly affected by Corona for two years. The move to the IMF has pushed up inflation, but the question arises that if we do not carry out economic reforms, the country would go bankrupt and poverty would be much higher than the current rate.

Poverty statistics are not an invention

Leading economist and former Punjab Finance Minister Dr. Ayesha Ghous Pasha say that poverty has increased a lot in the current era and it is not just anyone’s imagination but there is data for it. “Statistics from many of the world’s leading institutions show that the economy has slowed down,” he told DW.

From 218 to FY21, sales of tractors have declined by 30.3%, cars by 35%, and motorcycles by 10%. Due to which poverty has increased.

Artificial policies of Noon League and PTI

Development experts say that the growing poverty is not only the fault of the Noon League government but also the artificial policies of the PTI government. Amir Hussain, a development expert from Islamabad, said that the PML-N had also formulated artificial policies and PTI was also pursuing artificial economic policies.

He told DW, “We are being told that our foreign exchange has increased but in fact, the people who were sending money from Hindi are now sending money regularly through banks so we see this but the reality. I don’t think it’s too much. Similarly, there has been no significant increase in the growth rate of our core industries. We have also tried to put the corona money in the foreign exchange account, which has led some financial institutions to They are also demanding an investigation. “

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